Workshops + Talks

Talks at bitcoin++, April 28+29+30

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Cohort Workshops

Building your First Lightning App

A beginner friendly technical presentation covering two simple Lightning App templates you can use as a foundation to build your first full-stack Lightning application


Fold / PlebLab

Cohort Workshops

Build your own Lightning Workbench

A step-by-step guide on using Docker to build your own custom lightning node and tech stack.

Christopher Scott

BitEscrow Inc.

Cohort Workshops

Let’s Contribute to Bitcoin Core!

Bitcoin Core depends on contributors to advance, maintain, and protect the software. This session will orient you in the space, and help you to your first contribution via a collaborative attempt to address one of Core’s “

Cohort Workshops

Base58's Transactions Deep Dive

nifty walks you through how bitcoin transactions work, a super abbreviated part of the Base58's transactions deep dive course.




Mempool as a Battleground: RBF Pinning, v3, Ephemeral Anchors (Remote)

Starts with an overview of the current fee-bumping techniques available to L2 contracting protocols and their limitations in adversarial conditions. Walks through tradeoffs between Denial of Service protection and incentive compatibility, then breaks down the incremental improvements from package {relay, RBF}, v3 policy, and ephemeral anchors.


Bitcoin Core


Bip300: How we Police Sidechains Without Looking at Them

Paul Sztorc (creator of Bip300) will explain: the problem(s) solved by Bip300, the history of Bip300, common misunderstandings, and finally the BIP text itself. Followed by Q&A.

Paul Sztorc

LayerTwo Labs


Building a lightning node in the browser

Build your own lightning node in the browser based on the Mutiny Wallet's open source core.



Hack Time + Unconf

Time for hacking + unconferencing

Hack Time + Unconf

Time for hacking + unconferencing