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Upcoming talks at bitcoin++ nix-edition, Oct 6+7

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What is Nix, NixOS, Nixpkgs, Flakes?

In this talk, we will embark on an exploration of Nix, NixOS, Nixpkgs, and Flakes. Aimed at participants unfamiliar with these concepts, this talk will serve as a foundation to build upon, helping us to bring everyone on the same page.

Pavol Rusnak


Building Transparency Among Enemies

Trustix is a project that allows you to source packages from an arbitrary amount of builders, distributing the trust you have in your package cache and routing around the problems inherent in a central/trusted package server.

Simple, secure production deployments with nix-rebuild and systemd-creds

A quick walkthrough of how to use the familiar nix-rebuild tool and the new systemd-creds utility to manage NixOS deployments. Deploy your configs without waiting for NixOps 2.0 for another year or debugging through other tools' leaky abstractions!

Carl Dong

Bit for Bit Services

Demystifying nix-bitcoin: Leveraging NixOS for Secure Bitcoin Nodes

Join us for a comprehensive discussion on nix-bitcoin, a powerful collection of Nix packages and NixOS modules that allows the easy installation of feature-rich Bitcoin nodes with a focus on security. Learn how it serves a wide array of applications, from personal wallets to Bitcoin infrastructure and backend applications, enabling security and privacy by default. We'll also explore how nix-bitcoin leverages the benefits of the Nix ecosystem to offer robust security, a potent testing framework, and customization capabilities to its users. Additionally, we will discuss the unique service isolation feature, the strengths, and the challenges that need to be addressed. This talk is perfect for those interested in a secure, customizable, and maintainable approach to running Bitcoin nodes.

Jonas Nick


Deploying Your First NixOS Machine

A hands-on NixOS workshop for beginners! By the end of this workshop, you'll have a complete, functional NixOS server that you can modify to fit your needs and re-deploy anywhere!

Chris Guida

OpenSats grantee

Simplicity + Nix = Love

Simplicity is the future of smart contracts on Bitcoin and Liquid. But how do you get started with something as cutting-edge as this? By using nix! Simplicity has first-class support for nix so you can run all of our tools without having to worry about dependencies. In this talk I will give an overview of our nix infrastructure and show how you can use it for fun and profit.


Blockstream Research

Ecash in the wild

Chaumian ecash is now part of the Bitcoin ecosystem which has sparked renewed interest on this almost ancient technology and how it can be used to build the future of permissionless online payment systems. Today, ecash is often seen as a way of making custodial Bitcoin wallets that give users a tremendous level of privacy. However, as I will outline in this talk, the specific properties of ecash enable a new breed of payment systems that were previously not possible to build. These can range from web components for privacy-preserving paywalls or paid online services, to bearer ecash tokens wrapped into various messaging protocols, to new designs for Bitcoin mining pool payouts that remove the link between the miner and their earned rewards. All of these require a basic infrastructure such as Cashu mints and wallets that process ecash user transactions inside the system, as well as their payments from and to the broader Bitcoin Lightning network. As the context in which ecash is used becomes more diverse and specific to each application, Nix becomes ever more relevant for deploying Cashu in the wild.



LNbits as a UI for nix-bitcoin

With LNbits coming out of beta, developing to nix as its quality standard, adding node management features, it can (soon) be used as a UI for a nix-node, and used to install nix packages.

Ben Arc

Phones are Computers

Matt shows us how an old phone running Mobile NixOS is all someone needs to make a fully custodial POS (feat LNBits)

Nix as a Cypherpunk Tool

Nix can help us to share knowledge and become more sovereign in the digital realm. We'll explore how it gives you superpowers for development, building and deployment of self-sovereign services.

Eric Sirion


Solving the "It works on my machine" Problem!

Every developer has heard these frustrating words before. The struggle to maintain consistency across development environments in collaborative setups is a universal challenge. In this talk, we'll explore how to conquer this challenge using nix-shell — a powerful tool that can reshape how we manage and share development environments. The presentation step through the practical steps of setting up a flake.nix for a nix-shell that we can not only use for local development but also for CI/CD pipelines. We'll discuss how nix-shell stacks up against Docker as an alternative solution. Get ready to say goodbye to the "It works on my machine" conundrum and join a world of "It works on every machine".



NixOS Modules: How to run your apps on NixOS

NixOS has a modular system for declarative configuration. This system combines multiple modules to produce the full system configuration. One module could define configuration options for your YOUR_APP telling NixOS how and when to run it. This workshop is for beginners who haven't yet written their own NixOS modules but are already somewhat familiar with Nix and NixOS. The workshop consists of a presentation and a hands-on part where participants will learn to write NixOS modules. System requirements and setup instructions will be provided beforehand. We'll cover the imports-options-config trio, referencing configuration options from other modules, systemd services (simple and oneshot), systemd timers, built-in functions that NixOS provides us, and more.


Spiral & HRF grantee

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